Herbarium details: University of Otago Herbarium (OTA)


Botany Department,
University of Otago
464 Great King Street
PO Box 56,
New Zealand

University of Otago Herbarium (OTA)


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OTA was founded by Professor Geoff Baylis in the 1950s (Head of Department 1945–1978, patron of "Friends of OTA") and is now the second largest Herbarium in the South Island.

Scope of Collections

OTA currently contains approximately 10,000 lichen accessions, a similar number of bryophyte accessions, a small, mainly southern algae collection and around 30,000 vascular plant accessions.  The lichen collection is of national significance, as it incorporates the Thompson collection (3500 South Island lichen specimens) and the Murray collection (c. 3000 specimens, mainly South Island). The vascular plant collection includes a large number of specimens collected by Prof. Alan Mark, giving the Herbarium particular strengths in the alpine flora, the flora of Mt Aspiring National Park and the floras of Otago, Southland and Fiordland in general.

Staff and Research

Curator:  Janice Lord (vascular collections), janice.lord@botany.otago.ac.nz

Herbarium Technician:  Vickey Tomlinson,  vickey.tomlinson@botany.otago.ac.nz